A blog about what I love….photography and bicycles!

Simon’s first go at this!!!

Here we go……..my first bash at the blog.  This blog will be Tracey and my “musings on Macro photography and life on this little planet (including butterflies, our three girls and occasional notes on riding bicycles and crashing them).

In two weeks time (23rd to 25th September 2010) Tracey and I are taking part in a photo and art exhibition hosted by The Picturebox at Cordwalles Preparatory School in Pietermaritzburg.   The butterfly on th right is one of many that we will have on show, a 150 x 150mm photograph of a male Charaxes pollux gazanus, collected in the Vumba in Eastern Zimbabwe in 1994. 

We will have a lot of other material available, from the black and white series recently completed for the NAP Linen and Decor line of shops in Cape Town and Johannesburg, to our earlier floral images on both photo paper, canvas and greeting cards.  Can’t wait.

Bye, Simon

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