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Macro Photography Tips (Oh, and Spring is here….at last!)

A few folks have suggested that I start a couple of posts with information and tips on macro photography (the way I do it) which will hopefully start a discussion and help anyone who follows it (and myself). 
There are a number of topics to be discussed from gear to lighting, processing, software and techniques, so I will slowly start putting things together. 
The first will be a post on depth of field technique.  We will see where we go from there, but I will include whatever I have from macro photographers details to links for software.
As the cliche goes … watch this space, and please take part, I would love to hear how others do it too!!
And now, Spring … After a very dry start to our Spring the rains have finally come. We headed off to the Drakensberg on ay camping trip a few weeks ago with friends and it was exceptionally dry. The Scillas were out, and I was particularly happy to find Moraea stricta, a very small iris, growing in the burned grasslands. These little beauties only flower for a day. There was very little else out and the ‘berg was drier than I have ever seen it.


Since then the rains have come the country side has come to life.  One of the classic Spring flowers in our area is Dierama latifolium (the Natal hairbell) pictured on the right.  This dainty little flower was shot in our garden in Howick last weekend.

Sorry about the thumbnails, I shall post larger pics next time.  Please see the web site www.afromacro.co.za for larger images.

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