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Three local butterflies


This weekend was wet.  After three weeks of rain (strange for this part of the world) we had a few hours of sun yesterday and my eldest daughter Isabelle and I went out looking for butterflies.  We stayed local and saw (and photographed) load of flowers.  Here are three of the butterflies that we chanced upon.  The first was a beautiful Precis octavia sessamus feeding.  These are the most amazing dimorphic butterflies being purple in winter. 

Precis octavia sessamus

The next butterfly was a very fresh female Pardopsis punctatissima or Polka Dot.  A second after taking this shot a male swooped in and in a fraction of a second was “in copula”.  This lacked the charm and display seen in so many mating rituals. 

Pardopsis punctatissima

Finally I came accross another remale Durbania amakosa natalensis or Natal Rocksitter.  The larvae of these insects are lichen eaters and the adults spend most of their life on rocks, hence the name.  The cryptic underside has them blend into the rock surface very well. 

Durbania amakosa natalensis

Finally, at home I found this little Salticid spider on a Gasteria leaf.  They are such photogenic things I had to shoot this one.

Salticid spider

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