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Boxing Day and Grey Skies



Boxing day was spent taking my girls to the local game reserve (Umgeni Valley) for them to test drive their new bicycles.  I dropped them off and dissapeared into the bush with my camera.  It was a drak and gloomy day as you can see from the Panarama below. 

Panarama from Umgeni Valley over Albert Falls dam

We did however find some beautiful butterflies.  The first, Kedestes macomo (the Macomo ranger) was a first for me with the camera.  Unfortunately the insect had a blade off grass in front which all but ruined the picture.

Kedestes macomo (Macomo Ranger)


Below are a few more insects that I came across on an otherwise rather dark and dingy day.

Zizula hylax (Hylax Blue)

Diurnal handmaiden moth feeding

Belenois aurota (Brown Verined White)

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