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The Tugela Valley and Shange Abbey

Last Thursday a group of us went into the Tugela Valley to investigate a water supply project that we have been awarded. We drove through to Greytown, Kranskop and then down into the valley and across the extremely swollen Tugela on a very long low level bridge. Once on the other side my environmental colleague Richard Kinvig stopped us near an old church that he had found a year before. It is a beautiful old stone building, in ruin. I have no idea of the history but will try to find out. A photograph of the old building is below. The shot is an HDR, 3 shots (hand held unfortunately) -1, 0, +1, merged in PS, tone mapped in Photomatix and then cleaned up in PS. The church is in an area under Nkosi Shange so was aptly named Shange Abbey.

 After the church visit we spent a long hard day driving in wild and rough places, through the remote Tugela Valley. At lunchtime we stopped in a stream bed where we had seen loads of Aloe greeni growing. While there I was able to photograph a female Crudaria leroma as well as a new tick for me (photography wise) with Physaeneura panda or the Dark-webbed Ringlet, a very beautiful butterfly.

This weekend I did not have much time to chase insects but did get off the Midmar Dam where I again photographed Lycaena clarki (Clarks Sorrel Copper) and the very pretty Ischura senegalensis (Marsh Bluet)

2 responses

  1. Great shots again, Simon. As I said before, that church needs another visit.

    February 10, 2011 at 11:04 am

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