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Back at Highmoor


The last few weeks have been rather hectic with me getting back to studying after not having done so for 20 years. Despite having to spend a lot of time reading we were able to get away to the Drakensberg for the mid term break. We went up to Highmoor again, the same place as we went for New Year and again went with our friends Craig and Bernie Elmer-English and their girls. We went up on Friday afternoon and were greeted by rain and hail. This was a concern as we had nearly dissolved in the rain over new year. It was not a problem though, it cleared up and we had two great days in the mountains. The Saturday started early with me heading up to the trout dams at dawn to try my hand at panorama shots of the Giants Castle. I took a number of pans and singletons and two are shown below. The first is a 5 landscape pano.

Giants Castle Panorama

Later in the day I went looking for Protea flowers. During December the low growing Protea dracomontanum and P simplex were flowering. This time the P roupelliae and P subvistita were out. Both are tree Proteas and seeing them on flower was great.

On Sunday we all went off to the higher trout dams for a picnic before heading home. I wanted to photograph the damselflies that I had seen there in January as well as the little frog in the area. It was cloudy but we found the damsels, the flogs and even a few butterflies.

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