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Lepsoc weekend in the Midlands (Day 1, Umgeni Valley)

Last weekend was a long weekend and we all took advantage of it to either get away or get a lot done. Tracey had just come out of hospital having had a hernia repaired so we were to stay put. Steve Woodhall had also organised a Lepidopterists Society of SA three day outing to our area so I decided to tag along.

The first day was to be in the Umgeni Valley. We met at 8, quite a croud of local PMB camera club people (led by Willy Schlosser), lepsoc (Steve, the Coburns from Greytown, Jenny Norman and others) Pieter and Ciska Venter (South Coasters that I met on a photo form on the NET), Doug Morton and Gordon Bennett (Doug a photographer http://www.douglasimages.co.za, and Gordon a wealth of bird knowledge) and then me, bringing up the rear!!

With Trace in bed I decided to keep to the high ground with Doug and Gordon, the rest of the folks went into the valley.  We agreed to meet at lunch time.

Doug, Gordon and I went up the little hill near the saddle.  This little spot is, for me, one of the most prolific spots in the area with a huge number of butterflies on the wing.  We got to the top and the usual insects were hilltopping, loads of Nymphalids, Acraeas and others sharing the hill top with a number of Dragonflies and Damselflies.  It was windy and overcast so photography was tough but here are a few shots taken.

After checking on Tracey at lunch time I returned with Stella (middle daughter).  We all met up at Aniversary Cottage (where the Coburns were staying) and took a slow walk down to the river where you always see insects mud-puddling and is a great spot for Damsel flies.  We saw a number of butterflies from Paralethe dendophilus to Precis tugela and then the little blues.  The freash winter forms of both Precis archesia and P octavia sesamus were out as well and their colours lit up a rather drab landscape.

2 responses

  1. Lovely stuff, Simon. It really helps having been there myself. The T malaena were very accommodating, and I also managed a decent shot. I really thought you got a few shots of the J tugela, though. I tried, but found that Steve’s head isn’t transparent. A good day. Hope Tracey’s well.

    March 26, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    • thanks, yes I got shots of J tugela, but they were not as good as previous ones that I had got so I have not worked on them yet. Have a few other shots from the day to process. Work has been a bit hectic (only got back fro JHB at midnight last night due to storms)


      March 26, 2011 at 8:46 pm

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