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And finally, the last blog post about our Easter holiday….

Finally, after weeks I am able to finish to great Eastern Cape trip, travelling through the Eastern Free State to Knysna, 4 days there ans then off to Addo via the beautiful mountains of the Tsitsikama.  A few days in Knysna and we were off the Hogsback.  It was a short drive, about 4 hours, via Bedord, Adelaide, Fort Beaufort, Alice and finally to Hogsback throug lovely Eastern Cape Bush.  The Prickly Pear noted earlier was a worry but the towns were clean (remarkable for the EC but there was an elelction on the horizon) and it was great to get to Hogsback, see the folks and sepnd a few days doing very little except ride ponies (my three girls) and take photos of cold butterlies (me).  Here are a few of the pics from the Hogsback…………..

M metis


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