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New ventures and the 50th post.

This is my 50th blog post.  A great landmark, if you are a cricket player!!  It seems like yesterday that I started posting and we are suddenly at the half century mark.  Anyway, what has happened….. Some of the members of the Kiln Hallery have been invited to exhibit at the new Victoria Rose Gallery in Nottingham Road.  The gallery, situated behind the Spar in Nottingham road comprises a coffee shop, gallery, studio and caligraphy centre.  It is the brainchild of a local farmer Ian (??), a wiry, energetic man who has done a superb job creating a great venue.  His focus is to expose local talent to the midlands and the rest of the country.  Fran Simmons, Andre de la Rosa, Denise Beuck, Inge Manders, Peter Wickham and myself have been invited to exhibit.  I have attached a number of the photos that I am exhibiting below.  I am also writing a butterfly column in the Meander Chronicle, the first one was published this month.


Green Regal Chafer

Red Spotted Chafer




Charaxes protoclea azota, the Flame Bordered Charaxes

Charaxes bohemani, the Dive Bomber Charaxes

Gladiolus corm bracts






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