A blog about what I love….photography and bicycles!

Sani Spoors

Last weekend the five of us went to Bushmansnek for five nights. It is late autumn now so the insects are all gone, or at least the numbers are down so (apart from the butterfly larvae and cold packed foodplant packed to ome on holiday too) there was little focus on plants or flowers.  I was more interested in spending a bit of time trying to do some more landscape work and cycle as much as I could.  This time of year is hard for landscapes, the light is tough and the skies generally “incipid”. I did however get these two….

The first is a seven shot panorama taken at about 17h30 on the last afternoon, the light was tough but the clouds sheltered the sun a little…


The second, a five shot panorama, was taken at that time of nights when the light changes so very fast.  Tracey and I sat on the verandah having drinks and shooting.  This one was typical of the evening


Tomorrow I shall post a few photographs of some of the superb cycling in the area.

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