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A few more Orchids

last Wednesday my father in law had a double heart bi-pass. We went down to see him in hospital in Durban on Saturday and decided to visit the Orchid Show in Durban North after seeing him.  attached are a few images of plants on display.  Those that I could ID I have, the non IDed are hybrids with no labels. The venue was wonderful, overlooking the Beachwood Golf Course, right next to Virginia airport (so we had loads of low flying two and four seaters). Anyway, here we go….. 

 View over the recreation area 

Pano from the lunch area, not a bad spot to chill

The famous Angraecum sesquipedale, Darwins orchid, a 15 cm wide flower with 35cm nectar spur.

Paphiopedilum insignae.

And now whole bunch of Paphs that I could not Id as they were hybrids.


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