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The Cape a Trip…..part 1

This Easter we decided to go road tripping. Our eldest daughter, Isabelle, decided to ride from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg with her school adventure team and we decided to follow her. We left a week after she did, they had a few days off before starting and visited Table Mountain and Robben Island before starting the long ride to Pmb. We left and travelled via Richmond, a small town in the Northern Cape. We spent three days in Cape Town, the first was lovely and ended with. Walk up Constantia Neck. A steep walk and quite a tough decent. Anyway, I found. Few lovely insects going up and here they are….

Aloeides thyra 

Lampides boutiques, mating pair 

 Dira clytus, the Autumn Brown. These were flying from Cape Town to Hogsback 



Some cats….. Part three

We are heading off on our road trip to Cape Town tomorrow so here is the last of the Phinda blogs for a while ( the next few will be road trip). Tonight’s is Lions. Some lovely ladies from Zululand… 


Some cats……part 2

After yesterday’s leopard posts I thought it appropriate to post this, a young cheetah having a huge yawn after waking up with its family after a long night sleep…..tomorrow some lions, more cheetah and leopard and others before we start posting on our two week road trip around the cape!! 


Some Cats……part 1

It is always good to see elusive animals and the leopard, as one of the big 5, is always a good one to see.  We were very fortunate to have a number of sightings at Phinda Private Game Reserve, here are a few images from these….. 


A weekend in the wild!

This last weekend was very special as we went to one of the beautiful private game reserves in the province, Phinda.

Phinda Private Game Reserve is situated just north of the town of Hluhluwe in Northern KZN. It is typical bushveldt and this year extremely dry after the devastating drought.  Anyway, it was extremely rewarding as fat as sightings go and over the next few days I shall post a number of images of the animals that the were able to spend time with.

The reserve is home to the big 5 and we were able to spend time with all of them. Here, as starter, are a few images of elephant and cheetah.

A young tired cow after a long day… 

 She was a member of a larger herd, here are a few of them… 

 and then we have our old friends, the Giraffes 

 and then those lovely cats, the cheetah, some youngsters drinking

And a portrait of one of these beautiful animals 


The next “from the office” post

As noted in the last post, I am very lucky in that my chosen profession sees me visit all sorts of lovely areas with all sorts of lovely buildings. The Middeldrift area of KZN is full of lovely old buildings and here are two. I know nothing of their history, I am trying to find out a little, but here is the first one. In Nkosi Shange’s area a little church that we found and named Shange Abbey, a really lovely little building, over 100 years old…

And then we have this building, I have no idea what it was…traders house, local doctor.??? Who knows? Currently it is abandoned.  Maybe I will find out but here it is….

 Amazing old buildings with more to come, along with the plants and other beautiful things we see in the area.

Views from the office.

What I do gets me out. I get to see lovely places. I never carry the big photo bag with me as this takes time to set up while working so instead I take the Apple smartphone or tablet. I have for a while been taking images of where I travel and work and posting them on Facebook under the title “View from the Office”. I also cycle and study and photograph butterflies and these have always been posted as “View from the Saddle” and “View from the Office”. Folks have commented on this particular steam of “views” and asked me to include them in the blog, so here we go….. The first of the “views” blogs.

One of the places that I visit most often is Ladysmith in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, SA. The last six months has seen the area experience severe drought. It is normal dry but this year is very bad. The area is rural with loads of subsistence farming.  The first image is on route to the area, the Wagondrift dam on the N3 outside of Estcourt.

Then we get into the area, an old “view” outside of Ezakheni township near Ladysmith, lovely “bushveldt” home of Acacia trees, Aloes and many other wonderful plants.

 And then we have the worksite, or rather the view from the site. Taken in August of this year you will see just how bad the drought is.  
Well that’s is it for the first “views” post. A beautiful but tough area. I am happy to note that the rains have finally come and I hope that new posts will show the area looking good, the cattle sleek and people in the area thriving again.