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Welcome to the Canon MPE 65 Macro Lens

I have always wanted a MPE 65, surely the most dedicated macro lens I have ever come across.  The lens is a fixed focus 1 to 5 x macro machine and affectionately known by some as “The Black Hole” because of its very high light demand.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Tania Smith, a photographer living in Bloemfontein, asking if I could advise her regarding selling an MPE that she had purchased a year ago.  I was in the market so did a bit of research on what a second hand lens would go for, offered her what I thought a fair amount and she accepted.  Fortunately she was going to be holidaying in Durban and two days later we met in Hilton and the deal was concluded.

That is where the fun and frustration started.  The first thing that I learned was what everyone had noted in the reviews, simply put, very shallow depth of field, fixed focus and hmmmmmm find your subject.  I very soon learned that my 430 Speedlight would not work (the lens shadown the subject at 2 plus times), and using the lens for the first time is like hand holding an 800mm lens with a 1cm depth of field.  Lets just say that at 5x it took me an hour to take my first photograph and 59 minutes was finding the subject, then I had to photograph it with camera in one hand and 430 speedlight in the other.  Lets just say that I have purchased the Canon MT 24-EX Macro Twin Light which mounts on the end of the lens.  This has made a difference but I am still far from happy with the diffusion (so if anyone has any tips send them this way).

Before the photos I have to say that the MPE is the most expensive way to find that you have a very grubby sensor!!

Anyway, here are a few of my very fisrt photographs through the lens.  I need a lot more practice and work on diffusing the light but watch this spot.

Ant, approx 2,5mm long shot at 5x

Juvinile Aphid, approx 2mm long, shot at 5x

Sub-adult aphid, 3mm long, shot at 5X