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World cup cross country

On the Sunday after the downhill I went to watch the cross country at Cascades. This was the first leg of the 2014 World Cup season and our city was buzzing with press, cyclists, mechanics and fans of the team and stars that were here. I ride at Cascades almost every weekend and am always suprised to see what the course designers come up with.
The race was dominated by the top lads, current World Champion Nino Schurter from Switzerland and the Frenchman Julian Absolon multiple olympic gold medal winner. The race was six laps, tough rock sections and heart wrenching climbs. The two went head to head (with Schurter looking like he could gallop away with it) until the Swiss master puntured. He rode technical rock sections on his flat rim, cooly ate while his mechanics sorted the bike out and then got back on and went mad. He had lost 5 places and rode like a man possessed. It was too late to carch the flying frenchman who went on to win but certainly a great demonstration. Anyway, a few photos………. others of the race will be posted later.


The queen, Gunn-Rita Dahle in full flight. There is nothing that this lady has not won.


Schurter exiting a rocky section, lap 2


Schurter riding like a man posessed after punturing


The smiling spaniard, Jose Antonio Hermida. He has won here before but not today. His smiling face crossing the line is a joy to see and just one reason that I love the sport(the champs like this love what they do)

A flurry of frogs!!

I have never quite known what a collection of frogs are called…a croak, a pond, a flurry? Who knows, anyway I recently came accross a beautiful young Natal Tree Frog (Leptopelis natalensis) and it allowed me to photograph it. Here are a load of uncaptioned photographs, enjoy..(all taken with the Canon, 100mm f2.8 macro and 430EX Speedlight)