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Views from the office.

What I do gets me out. I get to see lovely places. I never carry the big photo bag with me as this takes time to set up while working so instead I take the Apple smartphone or tablet. I have for a while been taking images of where I travel and work and posting them on Facebook under the title “View from the Office”. I also cycle and study and photograph butterflies and these have always been posted as “View from the Saddle” and “View from the Office”. Folks have commented on this particular steam of “views” and asked me to include them in the blog, so here we go….. The first of the “views” blogs.

One of the places that I visit most often is Ladysmith in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, SA. The last six months has seen the area experience severe drought. It is normal dry but this year is very bad. The area is rural with loads of subsistence farming.  The first image is on route to the area, the Wagondrift dam on the N3 outside of Estcourt.

Then we get into the area, an old “view” outside of Ezakheni township near Ladysmith, lovely “bushveldt” home of Acacia trees, Aloes and many other wonderful plants.

 And then we have the worksite, or rather the view from the site. Taken in August of this year you will see just how bad the drought is.  
Well that’s is it for the first “views” post. A beautiful but tough area. I am happy to note that the rains have finally come and I hope that new posts will show the area looking good, the cattle sleek and people in the area thriving again.

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